Let’s suppose your having a website and you earn a lot of money from it. What would you do if an unexpected tragedy occurs on your website. For example, if a development disaster happens or your server crashes or even gets hacked. You would have to pay a tremendous amount of money to repair your website, your website would be down for a long time and you could ultimately lose a nice chunk of your revenue. This is why you need CodeGuard.

How does CodeGuard work?

CodeGuard is your time machine. It can restore your website back to a time before the disaster happened. Here’s how it works. It takes regular copies of your site to monitor any changes wanted or unwanted. Furthermore,  It then stores the copies where changes have been detected. Anytime a change in your website has been made, codeguard will ask you if the change made is legit. So if any disaster is to happen to your website codeguard will revert it back to a previous state by just a click of a button.

How much does it cost?

CodeGuard has 5 different packages to suit the needs for bloggers, small teams, designers & developers and design agencies. However, You can check out the pricing by clicking this linkYou can also avail their services for lower prices if you’re ready for an annual, 2-year or 3-year commitment.