A payment gateway is a technology that merchants use to accept customers’ debit or credit card purchases. The concept includes traditional card machines and online store payment portals.

There are  different types of payment gateways in the UAE: 

  1. CashU:

    CashU is built to fit, represent, and help online shoppers so they can feel free to buy anything they want. Until now they are providing purchases in 13 currencies. Moreover, With virtually zero setup fees, roughly 7 percent transaction fees, and just a USD 1.00 per annum maintenance fee.

  1. CC Avenue:

    Founded in 2001 and is recognized as the largest provider of Indian payment gateways. Three years later the company planned to extend its global presence with a new Dubai office. Currently, it has become a professional in electronic payments and is widely used by eCommerce companies in the UAE. Reference Cost: However, the setup cost for the Startup kit is free, and the transaction fee varies depending on the customer’s payment method.

  2. Checkout:

    Founded in 2012, and is a leading international provider of online payment solutions for e-commerce gateways. Checkout.com offers mobile and online shopping solutions in UAE. Reasonably priced for young entrepreneurs with a transaction fee of AED 1.10 + 2.9% of subtotal.

  3. CyberSource:

    It is fast, secure, and reliable.  As a follow-up to the setup costs ranging from $0.00 – $200, they charge a monthly fee of $20. Additionally, their exchange rate is $0.35 at 2.39 percent.

  4. Innovate Payment:

    They cover up to 120 + currencies in transactions, enabling maximum coverage in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Additionally, they charge an additional monthly fee of AED 150 – 500 with a setup fee ranging from AED 1500 – 5000 and a processing fee ranging from 3.00 percent – 5.00 percent + AED 0.50; both depending on the account size, respectively.

  5. Payfort:

    Payfort withholds 3.0 percent of the transaction cost + AED 2 each. Its setup cost to small and medium-sized companies, however, is AED 3500, while the cost to a corporate account is AED 6500. In addition, Payfort provides additional features including fraud security at a surcharge, and accepts 18 currencies. Since this payment gateway is tailored to online Arab shopping habits and patterns, it would be a great payment for your e-commerce business.

  1. Paytabs:

    The online payment gateway we highly recommend in UAE is PayTabs (established in 2014), well-known for its leading-edge payment processing and fraud prevention program. Furthermore, PayTabs currently offers you three options: start-up plan – fixed monthly fee (AED 183.62), development plan – charge of 2.7 percent + AED 0.99 per transaction.

  1. Telr:

    One of the most well-known payment gateways in UAE, which can include several common methods of payment. Furthermore, three payment rates for startups, SMEs, and e-commerce companies are Entry, Small, and Medium. AED 349 / month (Entry) AED 149 / month+ Transaction fee (Small) AED 99 / month + Transaction fee (Medium).