SiteLock is a powerful cloud-based website protection service that helps protect a website and its online reputation. Any web hosting company can only provide security to a certain extent. However, SiteLock can detect vulnerabilities which are localized to a particular website or where there are flaws in the HTML or javascript implementation or when authentication and session handling mechanisms are not correctly implemented by the website developer or where form inputs are not validated etc. Hackers can use malware, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and more sophisticated techniques to steal website data or redirect web traffic, ruining the website’s reputation.

How will SiteLock protect your site?

SiteLock will alert you if your site is vulnerable to any of these issues, as well as if your site gets blacklisted for any reason by search engines or spam monitoring tools. In addition to all of this, SiteLock also provides a trust seal which is a small image placed on sites that are secure.

How much should I pay for SiteLock’s services?

SiteLocks need to be bought per domain. So incase of a multi domain hosting package or a reseller hosting package, SiteLock will need to be bought for each add-on domain. Also the minimum time provided for a SiteLock order is 1 year and the order will be active for a year from the date of purchase. When SiteLock is purchased, it starts scanning the website automatically, using scans like Malware scans, Spam scans, etc.