What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service that runs email servers.Email hosting is an exceptionally significant asset nowadays, with the enormous number of individuals who send and get email messages each day.It can be an exceptionally alluring alternative for organizations, particularly as methods for increasing new clients.
Now, If you setup your website and you host it on the internet with domain name then for sure you will need to sign up for an email hosting service if you want email service on that domain name.However, most of the companies who provide web hosting services also provide email hosting.
Organizations that offer email hosting service essentially has extensive server assets where email hosting is possibly a vast venture.The hosting companies can either provide basic services like send and receive or complex service as database processing and global searching.
Companies who provide email hosting services should fundamentally consent to keep up the security of its customers’ email accounts, and in addition the unwavering quality of the servers on which those email accounts are put away.An example of companies who offer email hosting is as Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft.
As the huge number of hosting companies in UAE especially Dubai as it’s the headquartered for most of the companies, the email hosting service is widely increased where companies are providing web hosting, domain registration as well as email hosting services.
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