Well, you create your blog with the ideas and the content that you want. Now, how you can get benefits from this blog and gain money.
With a strong procedure, you can transform your blog into a cash making machine where there are bloggers who gain strong 5-or 6-figure salaries every year, just from their blog alone.

Here are the most prominent methods utilized by bloggers to create income from their websites:

1.Start creating a useful content that makes people visit your blog.

2. Start finding readers and promoting your blog.
3. Focus on engaging with readers and building a strong relationship with them.

4. At this stage, you are ready to start gaining money from your blog.

Here are the different ways that you can use to do that:

Advertising: This is where you start to advertise products and ads for services on your blog and whenever your brand is growing and your blog gets popular you will find many advertisers that want to pay for you to advertise their services.
Affiliate Income: This is a way of promoting a product for another brand like if you put a
link on your blog for a product on Amazon then if some follow the link and buy that product then you
will gain a commission on that sale.
Sell a product: Selling your own product help you on getting the learning, understanding, and above all achievement.
Events: As a blogger, you can earn money by advertising for events where you can gain money from people to let them attend the event or by finding a sponsor for the event.
Services: A typical way that numerous bloggers profit is through offering services to their perusers. These may be anything from instructing and counseling, to composing to preparing or other independent services.