Choosing a Free Web Hosting Platform

Free web hosting platforms is a bad place to start if your company is looking to put up a new website. Although the word FREE makes the offer look good, at the end it just isn’t worth it. Free web hosting services offers zero security, storage space, bandwidth, etc. The deal might sound too good to be true but its going to be a bad decision that your going to take.


Bandwidth Caps

Bandwidth is the level of traffic and amount of data that can transfer between your site, users, and the Internet. Some web hosting companies will put a bandwidth cap on a plan. Be careful to read the agreement fully and not fall into this trap. Even if your bandwidth need isn’t that substantial now, you never know how things will change. Make your decision based on your goals for the next 3-5 years.


Page speed is a major component of SEO ranking and user experience. If your pages are slow to load, it’s going to a big minus point. The location of the hosting company’s data centers plays a role in the speed of your website. The centers should be located as close to your user base as possible. Utilizing a hosting service with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can also boost your speeds.

Overpaying for Web Hosting Services


Sticking with a web hosting service just because the deals they offered you were good at the beginning is a bad idea. Keep updated with the offers other web hosting companies provide you. Most web hosting companies offer free migration for your website so you have nothing to lose in going for a better deal.