Blogging has never been easier. With platforms like LinkedIn and FaceBook, you can just sit down at your desk, enter you content and hit publish. There’s no need to set up a website and no need to worry about issues regarding performance optimization, design, financial expense.

So here’s the question. Why bother owning and managing a website when you don’t have to? Here’s why.

The platforms you are publishing on exist for money. They may not be monetizing yet, but no one creates a large scale publishing platform out of kindness and selflessness. In the end it has to make money one way or the other.

Ownership of a publishing platform is essential for writers and bloggers who intend on building an audience and monetizing their content.

If you blog for a living then controlling the presentation and monetization of your content is vitally important. Being able to set your own rules and make your own decisions is essential in managing a successful blogging career. The most successful bloggers know this and it’s why you won’t find them publishing on platforms owned by someone else unless they’re getting paid for it.