Comparison of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and BlessHost

The most defining cloud battle of the present time is AWS vs Azure vs Google vs BlessHost. Choosing one public cloud from AWS, Azure, Google or BlessHost is the most difficult task for the one who wants to enter and grow in the cloud world. This blog will help you make a right decision!

With the growing importance of Cloud Computing, public cloud service is nowadays in huge demand. This increasing demand for public cloud is thus opening the doors of more growth and opportunities for cloud service providers. In order to grow in the cloud market, cloud companies are focused to increase their services while reducing prices to lead in the market of the public cloud.


  • Specifications

  • Which one to choose and why?
  • Why not to choose? Reason
  • Storage Services
  • Local support
  • Management Charges
  • Uptime


  • Amazon, r5.xlarge 4 Cores, 32 GiB RAM, EU (Ireland)
  • Enterprise friendly services
  • Very complex and difficult to use
  • Storage Services S3
  • AED 1500/month
  • 99.95%


  • A4m v2 Standard 4 Cores, 32 GiB RAM, Europe North
  • Integration with Microsoft Tools
  • Less Efficient Management tooling
  • Storage Block Blob
  • AED 1500/month
  • 99.99%

Google Cloud

  • Google, N1-HIGHMEM-8 8 Cores, 52 GiB RAM, Western Europe
  • Open Source support and Portability
  • Fewer Services and features
  • Cloud Storage
  • AED 1500/month
  • 99.95%

Bless Host

  • BlessHost, 8 Cores, 32 GiB RAM, Europe (Germany/Finland)
  • User friendly Management Panel
  • Less Market share – UAE based
  • Extendable Storage
  • AED 700/month
  • 99.99%

We recommend BlessHost because of its local presence in the United Arab Emirates and BlessHost is a worldwide provider of web hosting services optimized for top speed , unmatched security, 24/7 fast and expert support. Although we do provide management service for  AWS, Azure and Google cloud in competitive pricing.